Insight: Students might be more drawn to the product if they were aware of the energy these bars pack to power them through finals.

Objective: Motivate college students to make the Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bar their late night guilty pleasure.


According to several news outlets like the Huffington Post, most students are enjoying the liberation of being away from their parents. In-turn, giving into cravings, something that can be capitalized on.


Let’s Be Honest

It's 10pm. You're out of the house/dorm looking for that quick bite for some energy, are you really looking for at the nutrition facts?

Don’t be a Jerry.


Joint Social + Mobile Campaign

Because social media like Snapchat is more widely used by college students, an advert will be implemented containing a minisode of Rick & Morty. This also in includes a draggable pull-up menu that will lead to another advert with an order button that will take the user to Amazon.


Closing Remarks

This campaign features touch points that are digital only. The reasoning behind that is that many studies have concluded that millennials (those within the range of our target audience) are more than likely to engage more with mobile because of their addiction to smart devices. (Source:USAToday/MarketWatch/BrandChannel)